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  1. It's a good evening again from Fat Fairy Towers,

    Well...... the intention in my previous blog (which was to try and blog every night for a week), obviously didn't get very far...... I can only say (yet again....!) that time really does seem to be disappearing and I am definitely blaming it on that Chinese Year of the Horse....

    My reason for the intended blog every night was to bring you all up to date with what we'd been up to and what's been happening but I've decided that can wait for another blog (oh yes - another one!) as here at Fat Fairy Jewellery, we've just come back from holiday, so I wanted to share with you all some of our lovely holiday photo's - mostly I should say, taken by my daughter!

    I managed to find + arrange a very late booking to our very favourite and special island..... of Guernsey in the Channel Islands.  For us here in the Midlands, it's a really easy journey as we don't live far from our local station and the train link takes us straight to Birmingham International.  From there we just get on the 'MonoRail' which takes us directly into the airport.

    I should, maybe, give you a little background to the island, which was obviously occupied by the Germans during World War 2 and there is still evidence of that to this day.  But my love affair with Guernsey began back in 1982 - the year before my twins were born. We were then living down in Hampshire, having moved from our native London a couple of years previously. I had a fabulous job working for Estee Lauder Cosmetics but was going through a pretty stressful time.  Our lovely GP at the time - Dr Giles, suggested to my husband that we should go away for a good holiday.  We debated where to go - husband fancied Spain but then we thought the heat might adversely affect my migraines, so somehow we decided upon Guernsey. As we lived just outside Portsmouth, the ferry was the then obvious option - sailing overnight and arriving into St Peter Port early the next morning. That was fine - it was the return journey the following Saturday that was a complete nightmare and I vowed then and there never to take the ferry again!

    It was a few years later that we were able to return - with the twins who were then just over 5 (or maybe 6) and we flew from Southampton - which, depending on which way the wind is blowing, can take as little as 30mins!

    Anyway, we've been back many times, the last was 4 years ago when Debs and I treated ourselves to a long weekend there for my birthday.  This time, it was Debs who got the chance to celebrate as she woke up last Sunday (25th) on Guernsey and had a lovely day which included a day on the beach and later a lovely meal at Christie's Restaurant in St Peter Port.  Unfortunately, despite wearing Factor 50 suncream, Debs also managed to get badly sunburnt on her birthday - so we then had to find the duty chemist the following day which, lucky enough, was Boots in St Peter Port.  So we duly purchased enough lotion and potions, to keep the sunburn under control.

    Over the years, we've seen a few changes, not least that the lovely B+B Guesthouse that we always stayed in had been sold off and last time we looked, it was in a state of disrepair.  We noted 4 yrs ago that one of the main attractions on the island - the Hanging Strawberry Farm - had closed down and this time were told that the Butterfly Farm had also gone.  But, some old favourites remain - not least the very special and sacred Little Chapel at St Andrews.  My daughter fell in love with this beautiful and tiny chapel as a 5yr old and wanted to get married there and she still loves it to this day.  Sadly it is beginning to subside but they are working hard to save her.  We were also saddened to discover that some people have been chipping off pieces of the china and pottery that cover the Little Chapel to obviously take home as mementoes.  

    We stayed at La Trelade Hotel in St Martins and were very pleasantly surprised - there were some reviews on Trip Advisor that were not that complementary but we couldn't fault it - how many hotels these days give you not only free Wi-fi but also free calls to the mainland - landlines and mobiles? Another favourite place to visit is Bruce Russell, Goldsmith + Silversmith at Le Gron.  Absolutely gorgeous jewellery and the only place we reckon to buy an engagement and/or wedding ring!

    All too soon, our lovely break was over and we flew back home to Birmingham and now it's back to the normal routine!

    with love from us here at Fat Fairy Jewellery



  2. Good evening from Fat Fairy Towers,

    Really hope this finds you all keeping well and warm on this Sunday evening! I think like the rest of the country, we've had a very mixed bag of weather here in Warwickshire this weekend.  Some lovely sunshine and then, just as we are starting to get used to it, the rain quickly follows!  Plus it still seems very chilly for May.  Last Friday they did forecast heavy rain coming up from the south-west but the day started bright and sunny here, so I took a chance and pegged the washing out..... Once at work and in my office, I could see (from our vantage point on the 6th floor) the storm clouds looming over Coventry way.... Lucky enough they passed us by and when I got home, the washing was nice + dry.  Now, I think you just can't beat drying the washing outside on a lovely day, it has a totally different 'smell' to it compared to being dried indoors - and, no, I don't have a tumble dryer either!

    Well, as the title of my post says, goodbye April and hello May!  Here we are then with a 1/3rd of the year now behind us.  Someone told me a few weeks ago - when I complained about how fast the time is going - that apparently 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse!  This, of course, would make perfect sense as a horse is very much a creature of speed - so at least that does explain something....  

    As I type this Blog to you all, I am very aware that 18 weeks today, will be my son's wedding day! And, by the way the time is disappearing fast, that will be here before we know it!  The big day will be up in Preston at Beeston Manor, they will have a civil ceremony at the hotel, followed by the reception. Just hope the weather improves and that on Sunday 21st September, we have a lovely, warm, late summer day.  It will be slightly tinged with sadness for the much loved + missed family members who won't be there to share in this lovely day.  I'm thinking of my much loved + missed Mum - my two's very special Nan and also my brother. The bride will be missing her granddad who passed away just over a year ago.  No doubt, at some point, we will raise a glass to those loved ones no longer with us.

    Well, what have we been up to here at Fat Fairy HQ since our last Blog I hear you say?  Well..... quite a lot I think!  Firstly, I've been busy making lots of our gorgeous Gemstone jewellery to restock Brackley Rocks.  For those of you who've not come across Brackley Rocks, it's a lovely crystal, spiritual + holistic shop run by the lovely Dianne down in Brackley, Northants.  It's in the main high street so you can't really miss it.  Dianne has very kindly been stocking and selling Fat Fairy Jewellery for about 2 yrs now and every now + again, we like to pop down to see her and restock.  It's always a lovely visit as Dianne is always pleased to see us, we have a lovely catch up on all the local gossip! Also the latest issue of the lovely Mosaic magazine is also now out which I distribute here in Rugby for my friend Beth who edits and publishes Mosaic. Brackley Rocks also stocks this lovely magazine, so this was a chance as well for me to leave some of the latest edition with Dianne.  If anyone local (or even not so local....) would like a copy, please just email me and I will pop one in the post to you ( I've got some lovely photo's of our latest items which are now for sale at Brackley Rocks but will post them in my next Blog.  I'm going to try and Blog each day for the next week (oh yes that's likely I can hear you say.....) as, for some reason, I find that easier to bring you all up to date than sitting down and writing a very long Blog.....!

    Wishing you all a happy, peaceful + productive week,

    with love + blessings from Fat Fairy Jewellery


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