Fat Fairy Jewellery Environmental Policy

Here at Fat Fairy Jewellery, we care passionately about the state of our world and planet.  We would like to try and cause as little damage as possible. As my 'day' job is PA to a Sustainability Director, I probably may care just that little bit more and, that in turn, makes me try just that little bit harder - whether it's recycling rubbish or reusing our packaging wherever possible!

  fairy on world

Therefore we hope you will understand (and approve) that we try to recycle as much of our packaging as possible.  This could mean that your piece of jewellery may arrive in a reused and recycled Jiffy Bag but it will be well wrapped in bubble-wrap or a box if needed.  

If however, your purchase is for a gift and you would prefer that it arrives in new packaging, please just state this when ordering.

We are also aware that lots of our beads have already travelled some distance when they reach us - some may literally have travelled half-way round the world. 

So we try and source as much of our supplies as locally as possible - or even while away on holiday (there is a fab craft  shop on Guernsey as we discovered last time we visited our favourite little island....).

Based here in the Midlands does mean we are very lucky to have some of the best beads shops and suppliers within easy reach

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