A little information on my love of Reiki and also Gemstone Crystals..... I think I am going to be 'tweaking' this page for some time as I keep thinking of other things to add!  It may have to have two separate pages at this rate.....

And, having now redesigned my website, I've decided that there is more than enough for me to share with you about the beautiful and stunning semi-precious gemstones, that they do now have their own page (and also hopefully will also be for sale within our on-line shop as well!)



A couple of friends who have looked at our website, asked me why there was no mention of Reiki on here.  'Well, it's really all about our jewellery' I said.  But then, this made me stop and think - being a Reiki healer/practioner means that each piece of jewellery that I create will automatically pick up some Reiki energy as I am making it.  So I thought it would be a good idea to give you just a little information on how lovely Reiki is - both to give and receive!

I was introduced to Reiki by a friend who gave me my first treatment as I was going through a divorce at the time.  As Reiki is very relaxing and calming, it helped me cope with all the changes that were taking place.  A couple of years that the same friend suggested that I should consider taking Reiki Level 1 and introduced me to her Reiki Masters and, as they say, the rest is history! Our two very lovely Reiki Masters keep their eye on their 'girls' and we meet regularly for a 'Reiki Share' group meeting.  I have taken my Reiki Levels 1 + 2 - the first under the traditional Usui method and then I took Levels 1 + 2 under the Reik Secheim - both very similar but with Secheim you get a lot more symbols to use!

Unfortunately, at the moment, I don't get to do many Reiki treatments myself  because the jewellery really has taken over.  Having said that, I am more than happy to fit clients in, so if you would like a treatment, please just contact me and I am sure we can arrange something. 

While it can be quite difficult to explain to those people who have never heard of Reiki or had a treatment, it is the very simple practice of 'hands on' healing - although some therapists may 'hold' or 'hover' their hands above the body - I actually like to 'lay' my hands on the client - having checked first that they are ok with this.  The therapist acts as the 'channel' and the healing flows through him or her.  

Just as we are all individuals in this world, so is each Reiki treatment different and individual to the client + therapist.  Each treatment will take me approximately an hour - although the first treatment is always longer due to taking their medical history.  The treatment consists of laying my hands in a particular pattern down the body - starting at the head.  

I usually play music and have candles and/or incense burning - this all helps to create a peaceful, calm + safe environment for the treatment to take place.  Some people are so relaxed that they fall asleep but others like to talk throughout their treatment - it really is up to the individual.  Some people may also see colours.

Reiki can be used on all sorts of things - some people give their animals Reiki and you can also Reiki your plants and water! Once you have done your Level 2, you are given symbols to use and you can then send Reiki by distance healing.  

Anyone thinking of a Reiki treatment should always make sure that the therapist they chose is insured - never be afraid to ask to see their certificates - any therapist should be more than happy to show you and please remember - as lovely as Reiki and many of the other 'complementary treatments now available are, none of these are meant to replace conventional medicine but should be used alongside. Again, any therapist who is good at what they do, should refer you back to your GP if she or he had any worries or concerns.

More information on Reiki can be found at:-

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