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Well, I could talk all night about Gemstones and how beautiful and varied they are!  My love of them started not long after I took my Reiki Level 2 and realised that they would compliment a treatment very nicely.  I think for now, I will just list a couple of my all time favourites and then add to this list as we go along! My love of gemstones has now progressed into our jewellery making and over time you will see pieces of jewellery made with gorgeous + beautiful gemstone beads. We only ever source from some of the top UK suppliers and also attend Bead Fairs where we can handpick which ones we like (some we fall in love with and then can't bear to part with.....).

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Rose Quartz - know usually as the original 'love' stone, this beautiful, gentle gemstone comes in shades of pink - from very pale and almost white to deeper, pink. In healing, it is used for the Heart Chakra which is situated in the centre of your chest.  Rose Quartz helps you to accept love into your life but to also learn to love yourself.

Amethyst - my all time favourite, this beautiful gemstone is purple in colour - again, like Rose Quartz, the depth of colour can vary and it also comes in a 'chevron' version. It is a good all round healer and can also help with addictions.  Helps to bring calmness and clarity and is good to use on the Third Eye Chakra.  A good gemstone to start your collection off!


 Moonstone - again another favourite and it's colour can vary from very pale white to quite dark yellow but often with a shimmer through the stone. You'll find it can often change colour around a full or new moon.  It is thought of as a very feminine stone.

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Agate - this lovely gemstone comes in many different forms and colours but again is a good all rounder to have in your collection. One of the best known of this stone is Blue Lace Agate - a very pretty pale blue stone which can be used on the Throat Chakra.   This is a peaceful stone which helps to cool + calm the emotions.

Turquoise - a Virgo birthstone + another of my favourites - both the gemstone itself and also the colour. I find (personally but obviously differs from person to person) that whenever I wear turquoise I feel much more confident. As a gemstone, turquoise can help cool the emotions, neutralises environmental negativity + calms overative thoughts.  It is also a very porous gemstone and can be discoloured by grease + oil.

Haematite - you'll see this lovely gemstone feature quite strongely in my jewellery.  It is very much (like all the black gemstones) a grounding stone, helping to keep us in the 'here + now'.  It can also boost self-esteem and energises all aspects of the mind + body.  Whenever I am giving Reiki to a person, I always make sure I have a piece of haematite on me, to help keep me grounded whilst I am healing.

 More to come later....... but if there is a particular gemstone that you would liked used in your jewellery order, please contact us.  As long as we can source it in bead form, then we are very happy to make you a bespoke item.  We source our semi-precious gemstone beads from some of the best UK gemstone suppliers.







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